Careers and Job Opportunities at Our Company

We firmly believe that people are the most valuable asset of our enterprise. Every decision or process we implement is based on this belief. We take pride in our qualified team of specialists, numbering more than 500 individuals. Our employees approach production with great enthusiasm and responsibility. Each of our employees can progress from a worker to a middle or senior management position. Regardless of where you start your career, we provide all the tools and opportunities for development and achievement of your potential, ensuring conditions for learning and developing professional skills. We support a performance evaluation system and recognize the talent and efforts of our employees by providing opportunities for promotion and growth within the company, as well as numerous opportunities for professional growth and development.

If you are looking for a dynamic and supportive environment to advance your career, our enterprise will provide you with the opportunity to unlock your potential and achieve success.

We are always happy to welcome new talented employees to our team. If you are ready to contribute to our company and grow with us, be sure to send your resume. We look forward to having you and hope that your career with our company will be successful and inspiring!

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