About the Plant's Laboratory

The laboratory of our enterprise is the heart of production. We are proud to have our own modern, professionally equipped laboratory that plays a crucial role in ensuring the high quality of cotton cellulose.

Key Features of Our Laboratory:

Qualified Personnel

The laboratory employs about 20 experienced and competent technicians and technologists who have deep knowledge in chemistry and analysis. They are responsible for conducting thorough testing and quality control at all stages of production.

Modern Equipment

Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to perform precise and accurate analyses. This modern technology enables our team to maintain high standards in testing and quality assurance.

Quality Control

The laboratory conducts continuous quality control of raw materials, intermediate products, and finished cellulose. We meticulously analyze the characteristics of our products to ensure they meet specified specifications and standards.

Research and Development

The plant's laboratory is also engaged in research and development of new products and technologies. We strive to continuously improve our products, implement innovative approaches, and enhance production efficiency.

Environmental Responsibility

We pay special attention to the environmental aspects of our activities. We monitor emissions and chemical usage to minimize environmental impact and maintain sustainable production.

The enterprise's laboratory is a reliable pillar of our success, enabling us to provide our clients with the highest quality products. We continue to develop our laboratory capabilities to remain innovative leaders in the industry and meet all our clients' needs.