One of the most important environmental initiatives that the Fergana Chemical Plant has participated in is the "Green Space" tree planting program, under which we have planted more than 1,000 fruit and coniferous trees. This is an important step towards offsetting carbon dioxide emissions, as well as supporting biodiversity and air quality in the region.

We recognize our responsibility for the environmental impact on the region and make every effort to minimize it. To this end, we have installed modern energy-efficient equipment, which not only increases productivity but also optimizes resource use. This, in turn, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and mitigates negative climate impacts.

We also actively implement recycling and waste disposal processes to minimize their impact on the environment. We strive to ensure that all production processes are as environmentally safe as possible and meet high environmental standards. Our specialists are constantly working to improve product quality, reduce the environmental impact of production, and develop new technologies.

Environmental care is an integral part of our corporate responsibility and business ethics. We aim for the enterprise to be an example of sustainable and responsible business that benefits both society and the environment.